Surrender, Dorothy

Surrender Dorothy

“Always say ‘yes’ to the present moment.  Surrender to what is.  Say ‘yes’ to life and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.”
~ Eckhart Tolle

There comes a time, and it’s a delicious moment although it feels like death from the ego standpoint, when the only thing left to do is surrender.  Release resistance completely and surrender.  Lay that burden down!

It doesn’t matter what area of your life the challenge is in, what it looks like, or how long you’ve been grappling with it.  Remember that you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions, you are not your conditions and you are not your body. You are also not your intellect, which is perhaps the greatest blow to the ego.

If you are resisting something, no matter how valiant the cause may seem, you are telling the Universe, “I’m fighting!  I’m angry!” That’s the vibration that will echo back in the body of your experience signaling the continuation of the battle.  To get unstuck and begin healing, what is called for is a shift from the head to the heart, a shift from thinking to trusting.  Wave the white flag and place the challenge on the altar of Spirit.  When you stop resisting what is and instead gently ask, “What can I do to help?” you know you are moving in the direction of healing.

When you release the need to solve the problem and surrender completely you can say with lightness, “I don’t know!”  There’s a freedom in not knowing.  It opens you up to possibilities previously unseen and in that place of surrender and the childlike wonder of openness and non-attachment… BOOM!  The Universe has a chance to rush in and support you.  Let Spirit lavish you with its love in that place of surrender.

Congratulations, you have arrived!  You are here in the present moment of Infinite possibility.  This is where the story of your miracle can begin.

I surrender ALL to the care of Spirit.  I am supported by the Universe.  Divine wisdom fills my mind and transforms my life.  And so it is.  Amen.

~ Christine R. Peña

* Published in the May 2013 edition of the Agape International Spiritual Center‘s monthly magazine, Inner Visions as the reading for the Wednesday evening service on May 29th. All rights reserved.


About Revelations on the Path

Student of Truth and Spiritual Counselor for the past 20 years in the New Thought / Ancient Wisdom tradition, Christine has answered the call to ministry. This blog is dedicated to the revelations she experiences on the path in her life while unfolding as a Rev. on the path as her ministry.
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