I Release & I Let Go!

Week 2

“Give me the discipline to get rid of the stuff that’s not important, the freedom to savor the stuff that gives me joy, and the patience not to worry about the stuff that’s messy but not hurting anybody.”
~ Vinita Hampton Wright

Week 2 of the Integrity Challenge is here and for me that means it’s time to let go of that which no longer serves in my life, literally!

As I began the first week of the challenge my microwave oven died in the midst of cooking a huge dish of eggplant Parmesan.  Rather than being upset about it, I saw it as a perfect demonstration of what this challenge is about for me.  It’s about standing behind all those things I’ve been saying I want to do, or I should be doing, but for whatever reason haven’t gotten around to doing – until NOW.

I know that eating stuff heated up in the microwave isn’t good for me, but it’s fast and convenient, so I’ve been mindlessly using one for years.  Well, that’s enough of that!

Last week my promise was to write out 51 more promises so I’d never be at a loss for something to do in any given week.  It just so happens that recycling e-waste was on my list, so I took that as a sign that the die had been cast.

This week I’ll be recycling my trusty old microwave, as well as some other broken household appliances, electronics and computer junk.  I have a feeling the weeding out process could take some time, but I’m going to just grab what I know I am ready to let go of now.  One of the key points in this challenge for me is, “Don’t over think it, just get it done.”

If this is a promise you would like to complete too, there are probably plenty of resources available in your area to help you safely recycle whatever you wish to let go of.  Here is a site I found that helped me narrow down where to go:  Earth 911

Speaking of what this challenge is all about, a friend posted in our Facebook group about what her week one challenge was going to be and it captured the essence of it all in a nutshell for me.  I asked her permission to re-post it here:

“My week 1 promise is to call the doctor Monday or Tuesday to make an appointment for the physical I’ve been needing to get for 3 years.  If it were for my husband or kids I’d be on it ASAP.  My promise encompasses the idea that I am as important.  I need to care for myself just as much.”

When I read that I had a Charlie Brown break-through moment of “THAT’S IT!”  This challenge is about honoring and caring for yourself with the same tenderness and love you extend to others.  You are important.  We are important!  You may not view it in this light, but I contend that self-care is a revolutionary act that contributes to world peace.  Don’t believe me?  Stick around, keep honoring yourself one promise at a time, and let’s talk in another couple of weeks or months.

So how did you do on your Week 1 challenge?  What’s on deck for you in Week 2?  Remember you can start to honor yourself and your Word at any time.  Why not start now?

Your friend with 60 Promises (and counting!),

My Word Is Law:  The Integrity Challenge” Event
A promise a week for 52 weeks

About Revelations on the Path

Student of Truth and Spiritual Counselor for the past 20 years in the New Thought / Ancient Wisdom tradition, Christine has answered the call to ministry. This blog is dedicated to the revelations she experiences on the path in her life while unfolding as a Rev. on the path as her ministry.
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